5 Steps Your Brand Can Take To Fight The Muslim Ban
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Muslim ban

5 Steps Your Brand Can Take To Fight The Muslim Ban

Here are 5 quick steps that your brand can take to crush the Muslim ban:

1. Zero Tolerance To Hate Speech


Humour goes a long way: react wisely to racist comments on social media. You can either respond by stating that your brand stands firmly against racism and hate speech, or simply remove the unwanted comment.

2.  Involve People Who Are Affected

Activating and empowering the people who are affected by the Muslim ban is a great way for your brand to state that you welcome all. Include, for example, Muslim women in your ads.

3.  Be Diverse

Show your diversity or become diverse. Non-diverse companies no longer have a place in the market. Make sure that your staff and visuals (like videos or annual reports) represent a diverse culture.

4. Go Beyond The Expected

Create a campaign with a strong message that calls for action. Starbucks announced that they will employ 10 000 refugees in response to the Muslim ban. You may not be able to go to that extent, but this gives you a sense of direction!

5. Take Action Now

Businesses that don’t respond quickly to demands, keep missing the growth opportunities. Take action now to not only gain loyal, new customers, but to take a stand when it really matters.

See our video response to the Muslim ban.


By: Anmar Matrood and Sara Salmani
Creative Directors at Qufi Creative

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