Branding Packages Completed In 14 Days. From Start To Finish. Qufi.
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Easy To Use Branding Packages


Start To Finish In 14 Days

For you to launch your business as fast as possible, we’ll work intensively on your branding project for 14 days, creating and delivering it from start to finish. Together, we’ll choose the right branding package that suits your needs.

This package works best for solopreneurs and startups who already have a solid logo, but are looking for a brand strategy and a unique brand that stands out. You’ll get a trendy website and basic brand collateral. Working with this package requires the minimum amount of your time. This is great for launching your brand, appealing to your target market and boosting sales.

You’ll get:

+ 2 hour Deep Dive interview
+ 1 day finalisation
+ Website (6 pages)
+ Basic brand collateral


This is our most popular package, because it includes almost all that you need to have a unique brand that not only looks great but increases your sales. It’s a must-have for small to medium sized businesses. You’ll get all the fundamentals: choosing your favourite logo from 3 sketches, a website, and design work done for your business cards, social media and other stationary.

You’ll get:

+ 2 hour Deep Dive interview
+ 1 day finalisation
+ Logo & visual identity
+ Website (10 pages)
+ Extended brand collateral


If you’re in need of a higher level brand strategy, with a more complex website and collateral then this package suits you the best. This package delivers you a complete brand, which is certain to increase your customer base and generate more sales. Besides getting all that your business needs, you’ll receive more opportunities to give us feedback and edit the creative work.

You’ll get:

+ 2 hour Deep Dive interview
+ 2 days finalisation
+ Logo & visual identity
+ Website (10 pages)
+ Extended brand collateral
+ Productisation
+ Photography

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What Is Deep Dive?

In this intensive 2 hour interview, we dig deep into your brand’s vision and mission. An eye-opening experience where we solve key questions such as:

  • Is your message digestible?
  • Do you stand out as being different?
  • Does it leave people begging for more?

The goal of this session is to obtain your USP (Unique Selling Point) by finding the answers to how your brand can stand out and stand for something. We want to pick your brain and challenge you with critical thinking, in order for you to unlock your brand’s value proposition. The interview will be summarised in a brief, which sets an action plan for the next steps.


Let’s start!

Our Promise To You


We look for long-lasting partnerships and we’re dedicated to make your brand a success. Your success is ours.


We are determined and proudly passionate about every step of the process, from strategy to design.


We don’t believe in “you get what you pay for”. We deliver the highest standard work on any budget project.