Muslim Market Brand and Marketing Strategy - Qufi Creative
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I’m Down, But How?


Creating a solid strategy is a journey taken together. The process includes in-depth interviews, research, analytics, and workshops. All of the information is compiled into a clear visual report that will work as your guide.

MM = Millennial Muslim

The Check Up

Brand Audit and Competitive Analysis

To know your final destination, we need a good breakdown of where you are where you’ve been. By understanding your current and future competition, we can create a leading position in the market.

Position or Die

Positioning & USP in the MM market

Simply catering to Millennial Muslims might spike interest at launch, but will not hold its position in the future. Finding the right position and USP will withstand market turbulence. Our aim is to place you first on the position ladder.

From A to Z

MM Customer Profiles & Buying Journeys

There are 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide – obviously not a niche! In this process, we will find your niche and create profiles that will determine what you offer, and most importantly, how you offer it. We will research on how to convert these profiles into sales through sophisticated buying journeys and conversion funnels.

The Pain Killer

Pain Point Analysis & Solutions

One of the vital stages of brand building; even though the process does not have the sexiest name, this is all about matchmaking. We will pair your offering and customers, define the obstacles and resolve them, and develop a love affair like you’ve never seen before.

To Love You Inside Out

Brand Attributes

Your values, characteristics, and brand essence; everything that people not only identify you by, but fall madly in love with. This last step gives your brand a personality, from tone of voice to actions.