Anmar Matrood, creative director and co-founder at Qufi Creative
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Anmar Matrood

Brand Strategist, Partner

Get to know me

What I do

I’m a brand strategist and partner at Qufi Creative. I’m intrigued by how brands fit and become an icon in a culture.  Practically, I do everything branding, from strategy to design.

Who Am I

I’m an Iraqi-born Dutch designer. Grew-up in The Hague, lived and studied in London and now residing in Helsinki. I feel that I’m a cultural melt of all the places I lived in.

You’ll Be Surprised To Know

That I had a massive afro, hence the nickname Afrojack.

 After Work You’ll Find Me

With my family, reading or learning Finnish.

I’m Passionate About

Family, reading, traveling, people, design, business, percussion and climbing (only recently).


English, Dutch, Arabic.
Finnish is under construction.

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